Driven by a desire to help people improve their lives, Charles E. Ragus chose the name AdvoCare when he founded the company in 1993 to express his commitment to being an advocate who cares for others. Today, AdvoCare’s legacy is driven through our commitment to upholding the company’s integrity, transparency and credibility in all that we do.


The Power of the Products

Quality & Safety

AdvoCare offers five product lines of safe and effective products that support weight loss, sports nutrition and energy. Each of the lines are tailored to fit the needs of our customers based on their nutrition and wellness goals. Our products are used and loved by thousands who implement them as a piece of their journey towards achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, from everyday people to professional athletes alike.


The People of AdvoCare


AdvoCare has changed the lives of thousands who use our products, as well as thousands who choose to earn supplemental income by selling AdvoCare products. Our Independent Distributors and Preferred Customers have a choice on how they engage with AdvoCare – from personally using our high-quality, premium products or building their own business. For all of our customers and Distributors, we guarantee 100% satisfaction on products for up to 30 days through our return policy.


Myth vs Fact

Here are some general facts that address common misconceptions regarding the direct selling industry.


AdvoCare Income Disclosure Statement

Check out the AdvoCare Income Disclosure Statement 2017 for more information about income earned by our Distributors.


AdvoCare By the Numbers

Download this document for a comprehensive look at AdvoCare by the numbers.

Many of our customers choose to engage with AdvoCare just to purchase our high-quality products at a discount with no interest in making supplemental income. This is why we launched the Preferred Customer program in 2016 as an opportunity for retail customers  who believe in the power of our products to buy at a discount.


We take pride in the ethics, authenticity and transparency of the direct selling business model. We publish and make annual income data available, ranging from the number of Distributors engaging with AdvoCare to average and total compensation paid by AdvoCare, including the number of distributors who don’t earn income but simply enjoy our products at a discount. To learn more about AdvoCare’s Distributor base and their earnings, check out the overview below:


Education & Mentorship

As AdvoCare Distributors have the opportunity to take on a role as a sponsor and accountability partner for their customers, we strive to empower them to speak candidly and meaningfully to others about AdvoCare. AdvoCare equips Distributors with the tools needed for both personal and new business development, placing a strong emphasis on sharing personal testimonies in a truthful, accurate and substantiated way. Distributors can develop their sales skills and businesses through online trainings, AdvoCare University courses, as well as in-person development at national and regional events such as Success School and Ladies Alive.

Partnerships: Ensuring Consumer Protection

AdvoCare adheres to the highest ethical business standards and complies with federal and state laws and regulations in each and every aspect of our company. We make every effort to ensure and protect the livelihood of consumers through actively supporting and engaging with accredited organizations such as:

Direct Selling Association (DSA)
The DSA holds member companies accountable to policies that protect independent salespeople and consumers, prohibiting statements that mislead consumers and setting guidelines for earnings representations, product claims, sales and marketing tactics, etc.

Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)
In addition to complying with all federal and state regulations as set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC), CRN member companies engage in self-regulatory practices, fostering consumer confidence in the quality of products and the truthfulness of advertising.

AdvoCare has formed a strategic alliance with Informed-Choice to certify the products that carry the Informed-Choice logo are banned substance free, adding a layer of confidence for athletes to make informed choices about the products they consume.

American Nutrition Association (ANA)
The ANA promotes optimal health through educating both laypeople and professionals about the health benefits of nutrition and wellness.